Easy Payday Loans

Choosing a Payday Loan Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Lets face it, payday loans are everywhere, and honestly they aren’t going anywhere. They are here to stay. Since Americans tend to fall short when it comes to having financial freedom, seeking payday loans tend to be a tempting way to solve their money problems. Over the years, payday loans have gotten a bad name. ….  Read More

Barack Obama Blames Racism for Lack of Approval Among White Voters

According to Barack Obama, it’s not his failed policies, his lies or his desire to rule like a dictator that is causing a drop in polls among white voters, it’s racism. At least, that’s what he told the New Yorker magazine in an article published on its website Sunday. “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who ….  Read More

Kanye West Wants To Buy Island To “Escape Racism”

The man who got on a stage in front of millions of viewers and said “George Bush hates black people,” and whose song lyrics are notoriously racist against whites is at it again. Kanye West recently had an interview where he explained what happened in an altercation with an angry teen and his views on ….  Read More

Indiana Senate Announces Bill to Legalize Marijuana and Hemp Production

Indianapolis, IN–Multiple states are rushing to get in on the trend of legalizing marijuana and Indiana is taking the next step in the process by not only allowing adults to buy, possess and consume up to 2 ounces of marijuana, but also opening the gates for farmers to grow and manufacture hemp and hemp related ….  Read More

Drugs In Colorado: New Deadly Strain Of Marijuana Turning Users Gay

Denver, CO — Just when you thought the drug problem in Colorado could not get any worse, law enforcement officials are now reporting incidents of marijuana users turning gay. “We’ve never seen anything like this,” said Dr. Paul Horner of the Barrow Neurological Institute. “The drug users in Colorado are injecting a strain of marijuana that ….  Read More